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With more than 30 years of experience in accounting, construction and building management. Born and raised in New York, Mr. Cohen graduated NYU Stern School of Business with a BS in Accounting and Finance in 1987. After graduating, he worked as a public accountant for two years and then became a CPA. Concurrently, he started a construction company in 1988 with his longtime friend Paul Arnsten, working entirely in Manhattan on the upper East and West sides. As their experience grew, so did the size of the jobs. In 1997, together they purchased their first multi-family property in Westchester. Between 1998 and 2015, they purchased 17 buildings. In 2005, they formed JP Management, a property management company. They currently manage over 200 units in Westchester, 100 units in the Bronx and 45 more units in Manhattan. Mr. Cohen is currently on three co-op boards and has served on numerous other co-op/condo boards over the past twenty years. He has a very hands on approach and brings his construction and accounting experience to work with him every day. His management approach is communication, transparency and hard work.

Joshua Cohen - Principal

Maria Monch de Rojas is a Real Estate Salesperson at JP Management. She started her career supporting the management efforts of the company and learning about landlord-tenants’ relationships in New York. Soon after, she obtained her Real Estate License and started working with clients on any sales, rentals, or management transaction. Maria graduated from the University of Virginia, with a Master of Social Foundations of Education in 2009. After graduation she has been living in different states around the United States until she finally moved to New York in 2016 with her family.

Maria Monch de Rojas - Salesperson

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